Natural Breast Enhancement Tips That Work

Firm and round boobs are what every woman desires to have. Most people believe that fuller boobs symbolize beauty as well as enhancing the femininity of a woman. While some women naturally are lucky to have firm boobs and round boobs, there are those who are very concerned about their small-sized breasts. As a result, the industry has numerous bust enhancement options ranging from pills, creams, to the expensive and risky surgeries. If you wish to go a natural way, the following are the natural breast enhancement tips that guarantee you success. Read on for more!


Exercises are some of the most ways to grow your boobs naturally. Some exercises such as push-ups, bench press, as well as chest compression, and chest presses aid in bust enlargement. The reason is that these activities involve arms and shoulders movement, which then tone the muscle and skin tissues that surround the breast. These exercises will, in turn, make your breasts larger and firmer. For fast results, do this for at least thirty minutes a day.

Breast massage

According to Alternative Medicine, breast massage can increase your breasts size. The massage aids in two different ways. To begin with, it boosts the blood circulation to the breast and then, it helps in stretching out breast tissues, making them appear larger and firmer. For an effective massage, use oils like almond and olive oil. Rub the oil in the palms for several minutes to produce heat, after that, place your palms on the boobs and then rub inwards. Continue massaging your boobs in a circular motion. By doing not less than 100 circular rubs twice a day you will get positive results within two months.

Eat foods rich in estrogen

The size of your breast is significantly dependent on the absence or presence of estrogen and testosterone hormones. While testosterone impedes growth when present, the lack of estrogen can reduce breast growth, leaving your breasts smaller as they will not develop fully. You can overcome this by consuming estrogenic foods because if your body has enough estrogen, it will boost the growth of your breasts within a shorter period. Some of the estrogenic foods include eggs, sesame seeds, chicken head soup, legumes, flax seeds, anise seeds, soy foods, and much more.

Wear breast enhancing clothes and bra

The clothes that you wear can either highlight your breast size or make them look smaller, even if your breast size is average. Always wear breast enhancing clothes and avoid those that make your boobs look flat as they can appear smaller than they are. Always wear clothes that enhance the size of your breasts. If your breasts are small, consider wearing a padded bra as it will give your boobs a bigger and rounder look.

Consider taking natural supplements

So far, supplements prove to be the fastest and the strongest natural breast enhancement method. Supplements are not only natural but very effective since they consist of a property known as phytoestrogens which help them stimulate your body to produce more estrogen. We are all aware of the fact that the more the estrogen in the body the bigger and rounder the breasts. While there are hundreds of pills in the market, all of them are not equal. Go the one with at least ten ingredients and a money back guarantee.

There you have it! Why live with a low self-esteem as a result of small breasts? While breast enhancement may take time, it is worthwhile. Just follow the above natural breast enhancement tips and be on your way to rounder and firmer breasts!

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